Fingerprint Lock – V500

Opening Methods

Fingerprint Authentication
Secure and Unique – Biometric technology ensures genuine authentication. Fingerprint details are unique and never repeated. They are persistent throughout life.

Smart Password
The lock can be opened with password too. In order to confuse people peeping at you when opening the door, the 6 digits password can be concealed in a random string of numbers.

Hidden Handle Lock
The hidden mechanical lock is located in the handle. It does not affect the product appearance and aesthetic.



  • V500 Champagne Door

  • V500 Champagne Front

  • V500 Champagne Screen

  • V500 Champagne Authentication Lens

  • V500 Champagne Front Handle

  • V500 Champagne Logo

  • V500 Champagne Front Panel Bottom

  • V500 Champagne Side

  • V500 Champagne Lock

  • V500 Champagne Back Panel

  • V500 Champagne Locker

  • V500 Champagne Back Handle

  • V500 Champagne Back Panel Bottom

  • V500 Silver Front Panel

  • V500 Silver Front

  • V500 Silver Back

  • V500 Silver Front Handle

  • V500 Silver Lock

Panel Dimension H303 x L70 x W24
Door Thickness 35 – 130 mm
Body Material Aluminium Alloy
Colors Available Gold, Silver
Capacity 50 Fingerprints
Power Supply 2 Sets of 4 AA Batteries
Lock Features

Dot-Matrix Screen
A large Dot-Matrix screen allows you to easily and clearly manage the lock functions.

Long Lasting Batteries
The lock doesn’t need any external power source. Up to 8 standard batteries can be installed, effectively powering the lock for 12 months.

User Management
Every fingerprint is identified by a real name making them convenient to track, manage and delete through the lock screen.

Weather Resistant
Resist the effects of weather as rain (≤90%RH), cold and heat (-25°C to + 55°C).

Mechanical Keypad
A mechanical keypad guarantees a precise input of information and will not be affected by frequent and long lasting use.

Voice Guide
The system can talk. It will inform you at every step of the operation and set-up.

Easy Handle
When opening the door, only half of the mechanical force drives the components, insuring a longer product life and making it easier for kids and elders to operate.

3 Points Mortice Lock
With three locking points, the lock mortise can fit in a reinforced door and provide extra security. (Optional)

V500 – Download
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